A wooden cabin for rent

A wooden cabin for rent: in addition to the rooms, that we rent out for our guests, we became richer for a beautiful, small wooden house. The house itself is located near our property and it can accommodate 4+2 persons. It has its own kitchen, dining room, bathroom, two bedrooms, and two terraces on each side.


You can drink your morning coffee on the east terrace, and taste a glass of our great wine on the west! If you’re a grill enthusiast, there is one waiting for you in front of the guest house, and you can relax on our swing. There is also a big lawn, where you can have your own mini tournament in volleyball or badminton and more. And if we haven’t convinced you already, let me tell you, that in the summer, you will be able to cool down near a private pool and you needn’t worry about food, because we will take care of that for you.