Welcome to the Žurej farm, where you are always accepted with a smile!

You are invited to the sunny valley below Žusmom

May you be taken over by the beauty of the surrounding nature and the kindness of the family


Our farm is not only a tourist, it is a controlled organic farm with its own solar power plant.


We serve home-grown food and we also offer vegetarian deli back. From the wood-fired oven it smells of homemade bread, tarrather,…
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Room / Bed&Breakfast

In the beautiful nature on the outskirts of Kozjanski, you will not only get a breath of fresh air, but you will also be able…
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Culinary and other pleasures

Our doors are open to visitors, who are sometimes random travellers or cyclists and in fine weather they can sit under the cherry in the…
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Guided tour of the farm

Former castle pristava, today an organic farm – we offer you a tour of the Ječovo farm. First we take you to the jail, then…
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Strawberries, raspberries

STRAWBERRIES are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and diet fruit. They contain iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, as well as various fruit acids,…
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History of Farm Žurej

Barley – the name that the Žurej farm has been carrying for decades comes from the castle jail.


Legend has it that there was an underground tunnel from Žusemski grad to the farm where the castle jails were held, one of these jails is part of the economic building and serves as a very cold basement area. Farm with tradition – the Žurej family has been the master of the farm for generations.


The door of the commercial…
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