Guided tour of the farm

Former castle pristava, today an organic farm – we offer you a tour of the Ječovo farm. First we take you to the jail, then follow the more modern acquisitions of the farm: the furnace to the squealing, the solar power plant. The once dark and cold jail today serves as a basement, and visitors don’t usually hold on for long, and so many more questions are asked about the biomass stove and the financial input that is needed to do so. When we visit the solar power plant, we present its technical part. Guided tour ends in a plantation of extremely tasty strawberries and raspberries or when interacting with various domestic animals.

For those of you interested in more, who are close to sustainable coexistence with nature, the ecological orientation of the farm and technology that reduces costs by utilization of natural resources, we have prepared a guided tour that includes:


  • presentation of gypsy cattle and Slovenian cold-blooded breed of horses,
  • berry plantation (organic production of strawberries and raspberries),
  • the characteristics of the solar power plant,
  • biomass heating, presentation of the furnace to the squeas,
  • a tour of the castle jail, which made the farm once bear the name Barolin.


By agreement, special tours are prepared for schools and organized groups.