Hiking From the farm you can go on several different routes, and two of them are described.


Panoramic path to Žusem


Route length: 3.7 km
Time of walking: 100 minutes
Difficulty of the route: easy way

Route description: From the farm Žurej Ječovo we head for the beautiful Javora Valley, where according to folk tradition the first potatoes in Slovenia are planted, cross the Voglajna River, and turn left into the forest. The marked trail leads us past the power supply, where hikers can also rant with spring water. We continue through a landscaped forest where with some luck we can pick many types of mushrooms. We get to the first heavier climb. This part of the trail is especially wonderful in the spring, during the Traditional Hike. The trail leads us to the “Count’s Štanta”, where we can join the Steep, very demanding route, or continue right along the road to the Užmah farm. Here, hikers are always welcome and well served. A beautiful view of the valley below us opens up and the view also views the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Pohorje, Boča, Donačka. After a 15-minute walk, we reach the “pušnšank” Užmah, and the path continues along the trail to the small old Kozjanske house, where we turn left onto the gravel road. After ten minutes of macadam turn left into the hill and pass through the small chestnut forest to the famous “Flat Fields”. There used to be a Lipovšek farm here, but the Germans burned it down during the war. There’s a foundation and a little goat where we can rest. The German aggressor was also resisted by the mighty lime, which still stands today. We continue on the flat ground, left past The Big Špik (669m) (according to folk tradition, the first hunting prey in Slovenia, owned by the Žusem counts, is also there. We follow the marches and after a 10-minute walk we reach the location where the Tower of Love will be.


Martin’s way to St. Peter’s. Helena


Route length: 2.2 km
Time to walk: 45 minutes
Difficulty of the route: easy way

Route description: The trail starts at The Tourist Farm Ječovo, from where it leads us past Završkov’s homestead towards Vošm along the VTC wine tourist road ( VTC), where the trail starts to climb slightly below. When we reach the top of the hill to Kladnik’s homestead, follow the marches and continue the path through the forest. When the view opens up to us, we see the hill of St. Peter in front of us. Helene, whose main feature is numerous vineyards and vineyards (gorce) on the southern slope, and at the top is the Church of St. Peter. Helene. We continue to continue our journey through the VTC and enjoy the panoramas on numerous vineyards and vineyards nearby. At the top of the ridge, the view opens to the village centre of Javor and the hills in the nearby and distant surroundings. The path leads us further along the ridge past the numerous vineyard buildings to the highest point of the Hill of St. Peter. Helene. It is also an event space where every year on Martin’s Sunday there is an event entitled: “After St. Peter’ s. Heleni – Martin the old way”. On this day, martin’s hike along this path is also taking place.


Source: Žusem Mountaineering Society