You are invited to the sunny valley below Žusmom

May you be taken over by the beauty of the surrounding nature and the kindness of the family


Our farm is not only a tourist, it is a controlled organic farm with its own solar power plant.


We serve home-grown food and we also offer vegetarian deli back. From the wood-fired oven it smells of homemade bread, tarrather, walnut potica and fruit bread. Housewives prepare “dishes of our grandmothers” – buckwheat bread, meatless ričet, buckwheat spirits, toasted štruklje, apple sauce with beans, mid, goat’s mite, … Vineyard on nearby St. Peter’s. Helena gives us a ruj drop, which has reaped many accolades and accolades. Up to 60 guests can be accommodated in a pleasantly decorated farm room.


But we will not only seduce your senses, with the wagon “wasted” the master can take you to Lake Slivnica. The farm is home to many animals, and you can enjoy the view of the pashpo youas with horses, cows, goats, …

Between May and July we offer organic homemade strawberries and raspberries.


Welcome to the sunny valley under Žusm!