Culinary and other pleasures

Our doors are open to visitors, who are sometimes random travellers or cyclists and in fine weather they can sit under the cherry in the courtyard, where there are two hinges. A lot of drops came out of the first and it was long in use, and the second, smaller, was made last year and testifies to the home of winegrowers and cellars.

An old bell at the front door is delaying many hands to pull the string. Most often it comes when people are celebrating in our country, because we accept groups on various occasions, most often to celebrate round anniversaries, baptism, communion, birmi … Guests are persuaded with delicious homemade food and a rujna drop. Mama Anica won numerous awards for the different types of bread she bakes in the wood-fired oven, and even more diplomas and awards were given to her husband for excellent wines. Not far from the homestead, on the hilly St Helena, we have our own vineyard, a beehive and a mountaineer. This autumn opens its doors in the time of martini, when the locals are organizing st Helena – Martin in the old way.

With us you will be warmly welcomed on various occasions, with prior agreement we accept closed companies from 15 (minimum number) to 60 persons. Excursions can be heated for tea and lunch with lunch. We organize celebrations for you, take care of music and goodwill. We have a parking lot (also for the bus), internet access is available. We offer several menus that satisfy even the most demanding guest. However, you will not only enjoy the tastes of homemade food:


  • introduce different pets to children, enable them to be contacted,
  • we take care of the management of groups around the surrounding area, tours of attractions,
  • With a wastable we take you to a nearby lake or the surrounding points.